WFSC had a 3 year  Stream Restoration Plan for the Westfork of the Kickapoo. It was approved by the WFSC Board May 2018.  The WFSC will commit $5000.00 each year of 3 years.  The WFSC seeks donations to match this $5000 each year.  Total cost for this 3 year project is $30,000.  The plan is designed to allow the water and the club grounds to better handle the floods.  We have had multiple 100, 300 and 500 year floods in the last 10 years.  This stream plan sculpts the land to allow the river to ride over the land without great damage.  It will also improve the fishery.

UPDATE:  As of the flood in August of 2018 the stream plan above is being reworked to take into account repairs from the flood and future sculpting and planning to allow water to flow over the banks vs cut them out and to reinforce the banks with riprap.  When the new plan is finalized we will put it on the website and share it.




We want to thank Paul Krahn of TU Dare for his assistance with the plan and obtaining permits and overseeing work, We hope to have the support of various community partners: Trout Unlimited, Project Green Teen and others who value clean water and healthy streams.  The 208 Plan is a .pdf and is downloadable here for your viewing. WFSC COMBINED Stream Plan
The 3-year plan will be carried out as funding,  weather and permit work days allow.  If we can not finish it in 3 years we will apply for an extension.  Your donation towards this project is greatly appreciated.  The WFSC has a separate Stream Restoration Fund and all monies donated for stream restoration will go to that account and only that account.
Other good sources regarding the connections of stream restoration and  Economic Impact Summary of Trout Angling in the Driftless Area and Fishing please see the TU Dare.