In August 2018 the WFSC was severely damaged by a 1000 year flood and the result of TWO upstream Army Corps of Engineering containment failures.  Donations to rebuild, help in restoration, expertise and leading a work team are all important parts of the WFSC being restored for everyone’s enjoyment.

SOUTH END OF CAMPGROUND IS CLOSED INDEFINITELY  until the weather cooperates and we get some dry days to be able to arrange and execute repairs AND collect a team of people to assist.  (This includes 2 of the 4 shelters in the park)

NORTH END TO THE PORTAGE SHELTER IS OPEN . (This leaves the Portage Shelter and the Day Shelter for use.)

Here are some pointers to help everyone as we rebuild.
RECYCLABLES MUST GO HOME WITH YOU or to the recycling center 2.6 miles away. Take Y to LF, turn left on LF and follow to the recycling center.  Please people, we can not afford to hire someone to remove recyclables. 
YES there is firewood, WiFi and Electrical sites.
YES you can camp anywhere it is dry, not just in numbered sites; all sites are group sites.
NO to driving across wet/ low areas, throwing hot dogs & food in the woods (hello… skunks) and leaving your garbage in firepits. (PLEASE people the board members are working hard to get the club grounds in order, we don’t need to spend time picking up garbage on top of digging ditches and moving gravel.)
NO we can not pull you out of low lying areas where you sink into mud or drive into firepits. There will be a $100+ fee and costs to repair the grounds.
YES you can pay at the green pay station at the South end of the Clubhouse.
YES you can pick up flood debris and help pile it for burn piles or use it for firewood.
YES you should put your garbage in the bin and take your recyclables home with you. (We’ve said this twice, did you notice?)
YES you can help the club by raking gravel out of the grass and back into the driveway.
YES you can make donations in the Pay station or Paypal at to help us rebuild.
YES you can come and help us out any time. We have a job for you to help with.
NO you should not email us and ask us how the water is. Check the Driftless Angler if you want a fishing report.
NO you can not drive down to the south end of the club. You will get stuck and it will cost you approximately $150 to pull you out and you will incur costs to repair the landscaping.
As a member of the Westfork Sports Club, your cooperation & assistance in keeping the club clean and in good shape is greatly appreciated. Let’s use our energies wisely cuz some of us are face down in our pancakes tired. ~Thank you for your assistance and support.