Here is what YOUR CLUB accomplishes every year!

We pay for the feed that Living Waters Bible Camp use to raise Brook Trout Raised and help release trout at 3-4 locations each spring.

Releasing Brook Trout

Raised at Living Waters Bible Camp, Fed by WFSC , regulated by WI DNR

Historically the WFSC had 5 different easements we maintained. The FEMA buyout from the 2018 flood changed those easements to county park maintenance but the easements remain for fishers.


We have over 15 years of support with 2 different High School Youth Environmental Education Programs.  Both Viroqua High School and Shabazz High School (PGT) have data on our stretch of the Westfork of the Kickapoo regarding turbidity, flow, entomology biotic indexing (stream health indicator).

Stream Restoration

PGT Stream Restoration

We offer an Annual Scholarship to a High School student locally enrolled in Environmental studies at a College.

Various Environmental groups like the Friends of WI DNR uses our facility for outdoor teaching programs.

Different sports organizations use our facilities, Birders, Bicyclist’s, Fly Fishing, and other recreational groups.

Our facilities and grounds are used for weddings, graduations, clinics, conclaves, chapter gatherings, and stream work home base for various environmental partnerships.

WestFork Pre 2018 Flood

WestFork Pre 2018 Flood

The Economic impact of stream restoration and Fly Fishers to the area is 1.6 Billion dollars going for lodging, groceries, gear, gas, and supplies.

The Westfork of the Kickapoo River is one of Trout Unlimited’s Top 100 Streams in the USA