Campground & Cabin:

The WFSC owns and operates a 19 acre main facility, including a club house with modern bathroom and coin shower facilities, and one cabin.

  • Camping fees, membership dues, & any other fees should be left in the IRON RANGER – The Green post on the south end of clubhouse by the wader cleaning station.  OR can be paid for online using Paypal at
    • Instructions are posted on the building by the IRON RANGER
  • Cabin reservations are now made online and automated and require immediate payment.



  • MEMBERS ONLY! Only members may register to camp.
  • Adults,(over 18), must be members.
  • At least one adult member per family group & tent (except where adults bring a second tent for kids)
  • $10/night- non-electric
  • $20/night- electric hookup.
  • Maximum size motorhome/camper= 32′ NO DUAL A/C systems.



Large group area with kitchen area.
  • The clubhouse is a large area used for reunions, gatherings, club functions and is available by registering online or emailing the club. 

Firewood Restrictions

Bringing in wood for campfires is prohibited because of the Ash Borer. Wood will be available at the campground.

Campground Etiquette

1: Please be respectful of other campers and fishermen.

2. Please do not drive in wet/ low lying areas. Protect your lawn.

3: When setting up camp, please walk your site to locate fire pit.

4: Please put trash in dumpster when leaving if minimal. Please take recycling to recycling center off of Y on LF , 2 miles from the campground. 

5: All campsites are first come first serve. Reservations can be made prior to April 1st, for large groups of 12 or more. If a site or Shelter is reserved and you are camping there you must move for the incoming group.

6: All campsite/ cabin fees, membership renewals and firewood purchases are to be deposited in the iron ranger (tall green  metal Pay box on southeast corner of the clubhouse by the parking lot) or paid for through Paypal at

7.  If your car/ truck or camper sinks due to rain or sitting in one place for many days and you need to be pulled out there will be a $50 fee to get the local farmer to come with a tractor and pull you out.  You will be responsible for repair costs to the ground. (dirt, seeding, grading, etc.)

West Fork Sportsmans Club

West Fork Sportsman's Club
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