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Vernon County has delayed the opening of Campgrounds until May 25th.


1 ) Grounds are open for DAY USE ONLY.  There are no bathrooms on site for use. Please plan ahead. Please pay your membership fee as soon as possible to help the club meet its opening expenses. We don’t have any funds coming in otherwise unless people renew memberships or make donations.     Please park only on gravel lot or road.  Thank you for your assistance with protecting the grounds we have worked so hard to get back in shape.

Please take note: when campgrounds open there still may be restrictions on any camper/ tent that does not have its own bathroom.  We don’t know, but it may be that only those with their own bathrooms may use campgrounds.


2 ) Regarding the Annual meeting June 6th at 7 pm. In the event we can not hold the meeting IN PERSON please fill out the info here: 

Your info will NOT be shared with anyone other than the board and for the purpose outlined in the form. AS A REMINDER, If you are not a current member by May 1 you do not have a vote at the Annual Meeting. You may attend but your vote will not be counted.  Memberships can be mailed in WFSC, P.O. Box 52 Viroqua WI 54665 or paid by paypal (32.00)
Life time and current members have a vote. (We are currently unsure of the mechanism to hold the Annual meeting and may or may not have a virtual Annual Meeting. We may or may not move an in person meeting to another day/time. We are trying to inform members in a timely manner and prepare for both scenarios).

3) Due to the Pandemic the Brook Trout that the WFSC raised with Living Waters Bible Camp have been released early by the WiDNR.

4) GROUPS of 12 or more were to request a shelter reservations BEFORE APRIL 1.  Now all Shelters are first come first serve.  If there is a Reserved sign on a shelter please honor that by moving from that space on the dates indicated on the reservation sign.   Cabin reservations are all done only online.  Camping is first come first serve.

When the club opens, PLEASE be mindful of where you are driving.
  • If the grounds too WET your camper will sink, don’t drive off the gravel driveway  WALK YOUR SITE BEFORE PULLING IN – FIND the firepit.
  • If the ground has too much sand and not enough grass (south end) you will could get stuck in the sand. It’s deceptive.
    • There is no driving across drainage ditches or across club grounds other than on the Driveway!
    • There are 3 drainage ditches and all go from the road to the stream. You will get stuck & damage the ditch.
    • The $2000.00 ditches were dug to keep campsites and grounds more dry and draining consistently. 


Memberships have changed to make the club more sustainable.  The board chose this route vs increasing camping fees.  We want to make  sure the club stays an affordable option for members camping/ staying on site.  Yearly memberships are now $30.00 per year.  All previously purchased 3 year and lifetime memberships will be honored.  All 3 year memberships time out on Dec 31st with all ending in 2022 or before (depending on when you purchased it and our records).  All lifetime memberships previously purchased will be honored.
UPDATE: We have a group of 40 + college age students participating in TU’s 5 Rivers Fly Fishing & Conservation outreach program Sept 25 – 27th. Approximately 40 students and various TU chapters to assist. The ENTIRE north end of the campground, day shelter and clubhouse will be reserved for them. Campers are welcome to use the electric sites there if they aren’t used by 5 Rivers. The rest of the campground is first come first serve. Cabin reservations are done online.



Please continue to consider donations to the Westfork so we ca continue improvements and fund the next phases of stream bank restoration. Current Tax code allows for donations up to $12,000.00.  We can accept donations through:

  • PayPal at
  • GoFundMe at or by
  • Mail at WFSC, P.O. Box 52, Viroqua WI 54665

Progress Update for fall 2019

We designed and submitted a land and stream plan to the WIDnr which was approved.  The fall extravaganza work teams spread grass seed and straw over the earth from the stream and land repairs.   The volunteers who came for the fall extravaganza were AMAZING! They were not dissuaded by the awful weather and the job got done!  Spring should show us mostly grass areas with a lot of rock still needing to be picked up (and another reason we need a new mower to raise the blades as high as we can until we can pick the rocks up).  We will likely have some patches to seed again in the spring.

Grounds were repaired by Dirt Monkey Excavating.  They did an OUTSTANDING job dozing and grading the grounds, moving rock and filling in holes. They also helped put our original drainage ditch back behind the garbage area to the stream bank.  This will put the spring water running behind the green cabin back into the stream more quickly and more directly.  It will also mean that there will be NO DRIVING ACROSS THE DITCH to maintain its depth and flow.  We will look to put in a small foot bridge over the drain for campers walking from mid to south ends towards the clubhouse area.



Members can assist their club by:

  • Attending the Next annual meeting of membership, Saturday June 6th at 7 pm at the clubhouse.  (see * Top of page)
  • ALWAYS walk your site before you pull in.  If it is low and wet don’t park a heavy camper there and if your camper begins to sink move it to another area.
  • Please use the shovel by the woodshed to clean out your firepits AND return it for others use.  Your assistance is appreciated in this.
  • If you get stuck and need to be pulled out of low lying areas, fire pits, etc, there will be a minimum charge of $100, maybe more, depending on what it takes to get you out.  There may also be charges for repairing the grounds. Payment will be due before being pulled out.
  • RECYCLABLES – take them home with you. Do NOT put them by the dumpster.  If you don’t want to take them home drive them to the recycling center below (with map). It is 2.6 miles from the campground.
  • You can also take cans into town and donate them to local causes. AS A environmental club members should know that recyclables that end up in the dumpster go to the landfill and are not recycled. : (

Recycling goes to the recycling center off of Y on LF.  It is free, open 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Vernon Co. Recycling center (map here) is 2.6 miles from the Campground. Trash at the Campground is for campers/ cabin members only.  No matter what you’ve been told in the past. Please respect this as it saves the club funds.   You can also take cans into town and donate them to local causes.

Consider cans vs bottles for camping (YES, good beer is available in cans also!)


Current areas of need where members can help

  • Continue to pull debris off of the base of trees, posts, etc., Burn in your fire pits.
  • Grant writers to help us with future stream repair funding
  • Riding lawn mower donation, please email
  • Carpenters, Plumbers, and electricians who could donate some time to help out with plans.
  • Travel Trailer or Tiny Home, (anything on wheels)  18+ feet to temporarily replace the little blue cabin as a small rental option for people who aren’t set up for camping.
Please consider donating to the WFSC as every penny goes directly to rebuilding the campground. The Board Members are working tirelessly to repair the Club for its Members.  Donations can be made by PayPal ( please add 3% for their fees) at or by mailing a check to West Fork Sportsmans Club Inc., P.O. Box 52, Viroqua, WI 54665






First Come First Serve for ALL camping sites.                                                     EACH camping spot is a group camping space so you can pitch your tent anywhere and it will be fine.

Large groups (15 or more) should schedule before April 1 of each year and identify the section of the campground for their camping needs. Use the online contact below to make requests. Requests do not mean reservations are complete. A confirmation email will be sent confirming availability.  The WFSC reserves the right to cancel ANY reservation when weather events prevent use of parts or all of the campground. For group reservations, each April a sign will be posted at the Shelters indicating the reserved dates for large groups.   If a member camps there when a large group is coming in they will be asked to move.   You must be a member to camp at the Club. Other than these reserved dates all members are welcome to camp in these areas.  See Camping and Membership pages for more info.

Cabin Reservations

Online reservations for the cabins are now available.  Payment is required upon reservation.  Only members may camp or rent the cabins at the Club.  See Reservations and Membership pages for more info.

Cabins and Clubhouse Reservations can be made online here:


To become a member please send membership dues and Contact Info (name, address, phone, email, & dues payments) to WFSC, PO Box 52, Viroqua WI  OR you may pay at the Green Pay Station (Iron Ranger) at the Campground. More info on Membership

  • Annual- $30 (32.00 by Paypal)  (Jan 1- Dec 31)
  • Grandfathered in – No Longer Available to Purchase. 
    • Three Year- All current 3 year memberships will be honored and will expire 12/31/2021 or before.
    • Lifetime- All current lifetime memberships will be honored
  • Only one membership required per family with children under 18 years of age.   All other individual adults should be members.

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