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Welcome to the WFSC.   New members are always welcome.  Please see the information below to understand how the campground portion of the club works to help us pay for our conservation, education and stream work. Trout Season Closes Oct 15th at midnight.
Memberships are required: Each family should have a membership. When children are OF AGE they should buy their own membership. All other adults are expected to be members.  We encourage all adults to purchase memberships.  Membership allows you to camp, day use, swim, bring your families, rent the clubhouse for events, have picnics and participate in our educational and scientific endeavors. The minor amount of membership helps us pay for the infrastructure you enjoy during your stay; septic, water, electricity, grounds, etc. 
Camping (first come first serve, no reservations, campground is a group site and there are always spots available).   Dogs are welcome under control.  Dogs are dogs and should be allowed to run. However, if campers are frightened, worried etc because of a dog please ask the owner to put their dog on a leash or to not have the dog around you.  A misbehaving dog is the owners responsibility. Owners, please use leashes when necessary and please be sure to clean up after the dogs.  Dog poo on shoes are no fun and we enjoy the grass to roll in and play. 
Cabin & Native Lodge (coming in 2021) rentals are available and done online.  They are only available to members.
A weekend of camping at the Westfork for 2 night with a membership currently costs $50 for a tent or $70 for electric. If the costs are split among others it is even less. A very reasonable price for a weekend of camping.


  • TENTS, Each tent is $10 per night.. How many people are in the tent does not matter. Tents should not camp in the electrical sites. If they do the cost is $20 per night per tent.
  • TRAVEL TRAILERS, each electric site has 2 electric plugs in the box and can be shared by more than one trailer. Each Trailer is $20 per night for electrical.
  • Cabin reservations are done only online.
  • COMING SOON – Native Structures , 2 will be available. One with electricity close and one primitive. 
We practice the policies the CDC recommends.  Though our campground is all “group sites” and anyone can camp anywhere we encourage you to have a good distance between where you place your sites.  We also encourage you to use a mask, practice frequent hand washing and to be respectful of others distance wise for conversations.  Our population tends to be above 50 and with in the greater risk range.
Please join the team trying to take care of the club by:
  1. take 20 mins each visit and make a rock pile of rocks starting from the stream towards the clubhouse. Leave them in the tall grass between the rock field and the mown lawn.
  2. pick up sticks around the campground and put them in fire pits (helps the mowers immensely)
  3. help us find the buried fire pits (found ones have an orange stake with pink flagging.) Dig them out. Shovels by woodshed, please do not dig out and dump dirt on grass, get the wheelbarrow and fill it and then dump the dirt in the hole where the blue cabin use to be by the clubhouse Shovels by firewood shed. support the club during work days, organize a work day,
  4. DON’T get stuck in a sand trap or wet ground, it will cost you $100 or more to get pulled out by a farmer and repair the grounds.
  5. AS A environmental club members should know that recyclables that end up in the dumpster go to the landfill and are not recycled. : (   Take them home with you!  Or 

Recycling goes to the recycling center off of Y on LF.  It is free, open 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Vernon Co. Recycling center (map here) is 2.6 miles from the Campground. Trash at the Campground is for campers/ cabin members only.  No matter what you’ve been told in the past. Please respect this as it saves the club funds.   You can also take cans into town and donate them to local causes.

Consider cans vs bottles for camping (YES, good beer is available in cans also!)



Drainage ditches are currently dry, that does not mean you can drive across them. They are there to pull water to drain when it is wet so you can camp on high ground. If they get damaged the will not function properly and we will be back to only using some of the campground.
Memberships & Donations  can be mailed in WFSC, P.O. Box 52 Viroqua WI 54665 or paid by paypal (32.00),Yearly memberships are $30.00 per year ($32 paypal).  All previously purchased 3 year and lifetime memberships will be honored.  All 3 year memberships time out on Dec 31st with all ending in 2022 or before (depending on when you purchased it and our records).  All lifetime memberships previously purchased will be honored.


Annual meeting was done by email after 1) we could not meet in person due to Covid, 2) members indicated some could not do Zoom due to bandwidth.  Requests to sign up to attend the annual meeting were posted on website and Facebook since July.  Only those members who signed up were sent the meeting.  Members could vote for one week on the boards proposed changes closing at midnight on Sept 6th.  Results will be posted on this page soon. 


5 Rivers TU has been cancelled until April / May of 2021.

Please continue to consider donations to the Westfork so we ca continue improvements and fund the next phases of stream bank restoration. Current Tax code allows for donations up to $12,000.00.  We can accept donations through:

  • PayPal at
  • GoFundMe at or by
  • Mail at WFSC, P.O. Box 52, Viroqua WI 54665



Progress Update

2020 We had a setback opening with Covid. We opened in Mid June 2020.  The focus on regaining grounds devastated by floods restored 80% of park space for member use. Park is looking good. Trees needing taken down and debris off base of trees helped substantially in saving our trees.  Rock picking will continue. PLEASE pick up rocks for 20 mins and put on the rock piles you see.  Eventually we will have the remainder of the campground back for use.  Next round of stream work is being reviewed, devised and hopefully implemented in the spring of 2021. Members wishing to help with the Stream conservation committee should email , all are welcome. 

2019:  We had Stream work completed to repair stream and ground from flood of 2018, more work to do, little by little. 

2018: Was a spectacular year until the flood of 2018 where 3 dams upstream broke sending water through the park areas. We lost the little blue cabin and are looking for “tiny house” options to replace it. It must be on wheels and not be a project that requires lots of refurbishing to work.  

Please consider donating to the WFSC as every penny goes directly to rebuilding the campground. The Board Members are working tirelessly to repair the Club for its Members.  Donations can be made by
PayPal ( please add 3% for their fees) at
Mail  to West Fork Sportsmans Club Inc., P.O. Box 52, Viroqua, WI 54665






First Come First Serve for ALL camping sites.                                                     EACH camping spot is a group camping space so you can pitch your tent anywhere and it will be fine.

Large groups (15 or more) should schedule before April 1 of each year and identify the section of the campground for their camping needs. Use the online contact below to make requests. Requests do not mean reservations are complete. A confirmation email will be sent confirming availability.  The WFSC reserves the right to cancel ANY reservation when weather events prevent use of parts or all of the campground. For group reservations, each April a sign will be posted at the Shelters indicating the reserved dates for large groups.   If a member camps there when a large group is coming in they will be asked to move.   You must be a member to camp at the Club. Other than these reserved dates all members are welcome to camp in these areas.  See Camping and Membership pages for more info.

Cabin Reservations

Online reservations for the cabins are now available.  Payment is required upon reservation.  Only members may camp or rent the cabins at the Club.  See Reservations and Membership pages for more info.

Cabins and Clubhouse Reservations can be made online here:


To become a member please send membership dues and Contact Info (name, address, phone, email, & dues payments) to WFSC, PO Box 52, Viroqua WI  OR you may pay at the Green Pay Station (Iron Ranger) at the Campground. More info on Membership

  • Annual- $30 (32.00 by Paypal)  (Jan 1- Dec 31)
  • Grandfathered in – No Longer Available to Purchase. 
    • Three Year- All current 3 year memberships will be honored and will expire 12/31/2021 or before.
    • Lifetime- All current lifetime memberships will be honored
  • Only one membership required per family with children under 18 years of age.   All other individual adults should be members.

West Fork Sportsmans Club

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