The Westfork Sports Club is run by volunteers who try to keep the campground functioning and in order.  We are not available to answer questions that members can find on their own. We hope you understand and as a member that you will help us by not driving in low, wet areas of the grass, picking up your trash and depositing it in the dumpster, turning off lights when not needed in the bathrooms, paying your fees and helping out when you see things needing to be tended to.  Occasionally we have work days where we hope members will come and help us with large projects.  These will be posted on the web page.
We hope you have a great stay at the Westfork Sports Club.   ~ WFSC Board Members


1.  Is the Campground Open?
  • You Are looking in the right place, the WFSC Web Page   We typically open sometime in April and Close October 31.  Though these are not set dates and are weather dependent so watch the webpage.
2. Do I need to be a member?   
  • Yes you do.  Here are the fees,  They renew each Year on January 1.  You can purchase a 1 or 3 year membership or a Lifetime Membership.
3. How do I pay for my Camping  – 
  • There is a green tall IRON “Ranger” at the South end of the Clubhouse.  The top has registration forms and envelopes. Fill out a the top so we can read it and deposit your fees in the envelope and drop the whole thing into the IRON Ranger slot.
  • CABIN RESERVATIONS are completed on line here.  Payment is required during reservation.  Once paid for the reservation is yours and no one else can reserve that cabin. You will recieve an email confirmation of your reservation.
4. What if it rains a lot, what should I do. (Occasionally large rains close the campground because of large amounts of rain North of us all coming down in a short period of time. This makes the river rise.  Be Safe, Be Watchful if there is a lot of rain.)
  • Keep yourself safe.  The Westby or LaFarge Fire Departments might come down to warn people to move out of the campground.
  • Use Common Sense – camp where it is high and dry.
  • Leave early and come back if you have to.
  • Don’t drive through deep water for your safety and to protect the grounds.
5. How do I know how much rain the Campground or nearby got. How do I know how high the water is or the flow rate for the Main Kickapoo River.   
  • Flow Charts for the Kickapoo River (click on the blue dot for location specific information.)
6. How do I know what the Fishing Situation is?
7.  Where is the local fly shop to get gear and advice?
8. Do I need a Fishing License?
  • Yes, and a Trout Stamp.
9. May I fish on the other side of the stream from the campground?
  • No , You may not unless you follow access laws and keep your feet wet.
  • The No Trespassing Signs should be followed.
10. How do I know where the Stream Access Points are to go fishing?
11. Is the WFSC still doing Stream Restoration Efforts
  • Yes we are.  We currently have a 3 year plan to repair the flood damaged banks of the Westfork and hope people will help by either coming to work days or making a donation to the Stream Restoration Fund.
  • Project Green Teen just built 10 Fishing Stiles going in on DNR Access Points with TU DARE and Paul Krahn.
12. What other things are there in the area to do? Events Calendar for the Driftless Area