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We greatly appreciate members support of donations and lending helping hands.  We are making progress and there is much more to do.

DONATIONS for clean up  can be sent electronically via our Paypal (they keep 2.9%) to or mailed  to West Fork Sportsmans Club Inc., P.O. Box 52, Viroqua, WI 54665   We could use all kinds of “workers” and those also need some expertise (plumbing, electrical, woodworkers) to help out.

Progress UPDATE:  The big cabin is unharmed and will be available for rent online. The driveway is open ONLY on the north end but go slow, it is still being worked on.  DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS – the ground is not dry enough. Clubhouse is clean and soon to be repainted, spray insulation installed 2ft up and paneling installed over the spray insulation.  Doors are being checked and replaced as needed (we have to remove the garage door and replace w/ 2 steel doors).

YOU MUST Come in off Y (north of Viroqua) or from the top of the ridge to Avalanche Road (all other bridges are out)

Ways the club is seeking support:

  1. We need 2 new refrigerators and typically purchase them from   Rockweiler Appliance in Viroqua
  2. When the ground gets more dry we need heavy equipment and rebuilding the road, particularly the south road.
  3. We need to replace  5 (working) Weber grills for campers use.
  4. 15 Picnic Tables :
    1. A CHAINSAW – we lost ours to the flood.
  5. A Tiny House on Wheels to replace the small cabin.
  6. Carpenters to rebuild Garbage Area
  7. Lawn mower Tune ups / oil changes
  9. Donations to help with supplies and repairs.

Our Goal, to finish replacing the insulation and walls in clubhouse, install cabinets and replace fridges to make a working clubhouse.  To replace the small cabin with a tiny house or another small cabin. To repair driveway so campers can access grounds when dry. To have campground functional from Portage Shelter north for remainder of 2018 and have a fully functional campground by March 2019.






  PLEASE consider taking your recycling to the recycling center off of Y on LF.  It is free, it is open 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.Vernon Co. Recycling center (map here) is 2.6 miles from the Campground.

TRASH at the campground is for campers/ cabin members only.   The campground fees for trash are a real cost to the club.  ONLY campers should be depositing trash at the campground (no matter what you have been told in the past.)

Consider Cans vs bottles for camping.  (YES, good beer is available in cans also!)

Membership meeting highlights:
The club has planted 35 new trees in the last 2 years.
Vernon County zoning has inspected the club and greenlighted some structural improvement work.
There is a new online cabin reservation system.
We have adopted a stream restoration plan and dedicated $5000 to it for each of the next 3 years.. We will be seeking the remaining funding of $12,500 from members, Trout Unlimited partners and other Environmental Partnerships.
We elected new board members who are listed on the Board Page.
Next Annual Members Meeting is Saturday June 1st; 7 PM at the Clubhouse.  We will have a work day scheduled during that day. Please mark your calendars  and come help us make improvements at the club. Thanks.


First Come First Serve for ALL camping sites.                                                    All reservations scheduled before April 1 will be honored. After April 1 we will not be taking reservations for specific spots. EACH spot numbered is a GROUP camping space so you can pitch your tent anywhere and it will be fine.

Large groups (15 or more) should  schedule before April 1 of each year and identify the section of the campground for their camping needs. Use the online contact below to make requests. Requests do not mean reservations are complete. A confirmation email will be sent confirming availability.  The WFSC reserves the right to cancel ANY reservation when weather events prevent use of parts or all of the campground. For group reservations each April a sign will be posted at the South and Portage Shelters indicating the reserved dates for large groups.   If a member camps there when a large group is coming in they will be asked to move.   You must be a member to camp at the Club. Other than these reserved dates all members are welcome to camp in these areas.  See Camping and Membership pages for more info.

Cabin Reservations

Online reservations for the cabins are now available.  Payment is required upon reservation.  Only members may camp or rent the cabins at the Club.  See Reservations and Membership pages for more info.

Cabins and Clubhouse Reservations can be made online here:


To become a member please send membership dues and contact Info (name, address, email, dues payments) to: WFSC, PO Box 52, Viroqua WI  OR you may pay at the Green Pay Station (Iron Ranger) at the Campground.More info on Membership

  • Annual- $15 (Jan 1- Dec 31)
  • Three Year- $30 (12/31 of 3rd Calendar year)
  • Lifetime- $150
  • Only one membership required per family with children under 18 years of age.

West Fork Sportsmans Club

West Fork Sportsman's Club
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